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This collection of links is not meant to be comprehensive or anything other than interesting to me. I have used these and others to research information about ships found on stamps as well as general philatelic purposes. There are many other possible sites so if you find a site that you think would be a general benefit, let me know and I will consider adding it. To be considered for inclusion, a site must be somewhat general,not associated with one ship (some exceptions). Collections of links to museums, nautical or stamp topics are best. Also let me know if any of these links have stopped working.

Stamp Collecting

Navicula Our ship stamp collector counterparts in Germany
Philatelie Marine A site in both French and English with some good small exhibits on various ship stamp topics
Ship Stamp Society Our ship stamp collector counterparts in the United Kingdon
Ship Stamps Forum in the UK. A site similar to our Ships on Stamps Discussion List but with a more elegant interface.
Ships on Stamps web site of the Maritime Stamp Society in Scandinavia
 Ship Theme Gallery A blog from India with good information and news.
Fabio's Stamp Resources is another collection of philatelic links. It is well organized and easy to use. Not being updated
American Topical Association is the leading stamp topical organization in the world
American Philatelic Society is the largest, nonprofit society in the world for stamp collectors
Maritime Postmark Society Never heard of a "paquebot" cover? Go here to find out that and much more
Traveling Post Ofice (Rail and Sea) covers the whole gamet of posts on railroads and ships. mostly in the North Atlantic
Universal Ship Cancellation Society Ship covers of all types but especially naval covers
Lighthouse Stamp Society Where would ships be without lighthouses? On the rocks, so check out this lighthouse page. This is by far the best lighthouse stamp site anywhere.

Maritime Sites

These are only a few of the many maritime sites on the WWW. These are only meant to show the breadth of material available. Some of these have many links that will lead you elsewhere. I have made no attempt to classify these in any other than a general manner. To find more links, just select any of those below or use a search engine to look for tall ships, sailing ships, merchant marine, and so forth. To find maritime and nautical artwork is a little more work but well worth the time.

Nautical links of several types
Nautical and maritime history on Yahoo
A guide to maritime history research on the internet
This site is a list of ships appearing in the index or table of contents of books. This is a great place to find a book that references a particular ship.

Panama Canal Ships require many canals to carry commerce from one sea to another. There are many canals but the Panama Canal is one of the most famous. You can read much information about the building and operation of the Panama Canal at this link. A simple web search will find many other links to most of the canals of the world.

National Maritime Historical Society

World's Lighthouses, Lightships Lifesaving Stations
List and links to lighthouses of the world
The Maritime History Virtual Archives

Nautical Research Guild
Seaways Infonaut

U.S. Coast Guard
U.S. Navy History


These are only a VERY few of the many places to find reference information

Used and out-of-print books

Bookfinder is one of several places to look for used and out-of-print books of all types
ABE books is another place to look for out-of-print books
Alibris has a nicely organized site for rare, used and out-of-print book
Amazon is one of the original sites for books on the Web

Other useful material

The Internet Public Library The place to start looking for thematic collections of links
Historic Naval Fiction  including Hazard, O'Brian, Hornblower, McCargo and many others
Glencannon Press has many books, both fiction and non-fiction

There are MANY other places to find nautical books. Start with your local bookstore and library.

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