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  • The Unit has had an active policy of publishing data and information about watercraft appearing on stamps. A short history of our publishing efforts has been compiled. As may be expected, the major source of information provided by the Unit for its members is our bi-monthly publication, Watercraft Philately.

    All publications mentioned below can be ordered using the order blank here.

    Launching Your Ships On Stamps Collection

    This 16-page  publication is meant for the person who wants to know more about starting a ships on stamps collection. Each chapter showcases one of several types of ships found on stamps, collectible philatelic materials, catalogs, albums and other tools of the trade and a short section on the nomenclature of the sea.

    Short Biographies of Ships On Stamps. (Names A-D)

    This CD contains a short history of named ships that appear on stamps. An image is also included for many of these stamps. In addition, an index to all volumes of Watercraft Philately is included as well as other ship images and a small bibliography of books about ships.  Either an Apple or Windows operating system with an internet browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. 

    Watercraft Philately on CD-ROM. (Volumes 1-59) (*** upated to Vol 59 ***)

    This CD contains copies of  these issues in Adobe pdf format. In addition, the Launching your Ships on Stamps Collection  publication is also included as is an up-to-date index of named ships in these issues. Some additional files containing stamp images are also included.
    Either an Apple or Windows operating system with an internet browser  and Adobe Acrobat Reader are required

    Ship Stamp Images on DVD.  (*** DVD3 is now available***)

    Volume 1(June 2009) contains over 10,000 stamp images while Volume 2 (June 2010) has over 4,000 images. Volume 3 (April 2014) contains over 7000 images, some of which do not have a Scott number or year of issue on them. They are in alphabetical folders by country. The stamp name is of the format country_Scott#_year of issue_ship name if  available. Hints on how to use Apple iPhoto or Windows Photo Gallery to view and use the images are included.

    Ship Stamp Discussion List Messages on CD-ROM.   (*** 2nd edition ***)

    This CD contains over 4,000 messages taken from the Yahoo! Ship Stamp Discussion List.  These include the descriptions of many ships, both on new stamps and also new information on previously published information. No editing has been done on these messages. Various formats will be included so that these can be imported into your e-mail program (Apple or Microsoft )  or text editors or word processing programs. This new edition is updated through April 2011.


    Roster of Unit Members

    Available to members only in either paper copy or via e-mail

    Watercraft on Stamps, ATA Handbook 156  (*** Reprinted in a new format ***)

    This 365-page handbook lists ships on stamps through the 1999 Scott’s catalog. It also contains four supplements about ships that are illustrated using ships on stamps and exhibit pages showing the development of ships as shown on stamps.
    This completely reformatted and enlarged handbook is now available. See your copy of  Watercraft Philately or the ATA web page for details. This handbook will be shipped from the ATA office.

    Compilation of New Issue Listings from Watercraft Philately Vol. 44-59  (*** Newly Updated ***)

    This is a compilation of all the New Issue columns that have appeared in Watercraft Philately from Volume 44 through 59. This should cover the period from the end of Handbook 156 to the middle of 2013. No editing has been done to this except to format the listings by country. Many of these entries include catalog numbers and almost all include the date of issue. This is available in  paper, pdf or  CD-ROM formats. The CD-ROM includes an Excel and a csv file also.

    All publications mentioned above can be ordered using the order blank here.

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